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A Message by Chairman:

“Being a practicing lawyer I always noticed that there there is injustice in our society. Minorities especially Christians are deprived of their constitutional and basic human rights guaranteed by Charter of United Nations as well as by Constitution of Pakistan. Rights pertaining to  freedom of faith,expression, equal rights of job opportunities and other civic rights have always been negated to minorities” “Use of religious laws against Christians for settling personal vendetta has also been a concern for human rights workers around the globe. We have started this mission to help the persecuted and to make sure that due process of law is given to the accused”

“Inter-faith harmony, human rights in general and working for prisoners and domestic violence are some of the ideas we had in our minds before starting this foundation. I am sure that our work is making difference in our society and we will be able to impact the areas of our concerns in a more noticeable way in near future by Grace of God”

Family Ministry:

Grace and Peace Foundation is a shared dream of Chairman and his wife. She has been a real driving force for this foundation. She is also Community Welfare Adviser of Foundation. They both got married in December 2017. This union has turned this mission into a Family Ministry.

 Recent Activities: Persecuted Help:

We are currently working with Zafar Bhatti case. Zafar is serving life imprisonment in Central Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi. His appeal is pending before Hon’ble  Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi, Bench. Please pray for Zafar Bhatti case.

Ramzan Bail Package 2018:

Its a well known establish rule that in the month of Ramzan, before celebrations of “Eid ul Fitr”, bail petitions of prisoners are normally accepted as per directions of Epic Courts on compassionate grounds. Grace and Peace Foundation is of mission to bring out as much as prisoners out of jails by taking advantage of this situation. If you know someone who need our help, please contact us.

Annual Inter-faith Ramzan Dinner and Peace Conference:

In the month of Ramzan, its been Grace and Peace Foundation tradition that we bring Muslims and Christians on one table for a peace conference and Iftar Dinner. Soon date for Annual Iftar Dinner will be announced and invitations be sent.




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