First Annual Inter-Faith Peace Conference and Iftar Dinner

In the month of Ramzan (a holy fasting month for Muslims) we started a new tradition of inviting our Muslim and Christian brothers to join Peace Conference followed by Iftar Dinner for both Muslims and Christians. This year, it was first conference. By grace of Lord we were able to invite both communities in equal ration and almost 100 honorable  guest attended the event. Muslims Ulema’s (religious scholars) and Christian senior pastors also participated in this event along with lawyers, intellectuals, journalists, teachers and sanitary workers from Christian community were specially invited to attend the conference.
Chairman Grace and Peace Foundation gave the opening speech and explained mission statement of Grace and Peace Foundation. Then Scholars from both the communities expressed their views on necessity of inter-faith harmony followed by an Iftar dinner. Both Muslims and Christians shared the same tables and same food as there was no discrimination; a true essence of inter-faith.
President District Bar Association Chakwal, Ch. Amjad Hassan Ali especially participated in conference alongwith Saeed Amjad Advocate, Mohammad Asif Malik advotae, M. Shahazad  Butt advocate and Ch. Khaliq DAd Advocate (Chairman U.C Arra).
Molana Pir Akbar Saqi, Moulana Qari Muzaffar, Moulana Abdul Wahid al-azhari (University of Cairo) represented Muslim Ulema (scholars who participated in this event and shared their thaughts on peace.
Pastor Daniel Bashir, Pastor Babu Jan Anayat, Pastor Daniel Sardar and Pastor Iqbal Maseeh shared Jesus message of peace and unconditional love to humanity. Persecution and unfair use of blasphemy laws against Christians was also pointed out by speakers. The most special feature of this event was the equal participation of Christian community and practical depiction of brotherhood between Muslims and Christians.
We are thankful to God for this successful event.

Here are some photographs of the event. 

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