Minorities Day Seminar

M. A Jinnah
Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan


Friday, 11 August, 2017 is traditionally celebrated as Minorities day in all over Pakistan. The background of this day is that in 1947, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan gave a policy speech on 11 August. In this speech the state policy was set for once and for all. Jinnah said, “Personal faith and religion of a person has nothing to do with affairs of state”.

This speech gave equal rights to all the citizens of newly born Pakistani state. Later on, guidelines given by Jinnah was forgotten and were never acted upon. Minorities were pushed to the wall by pro-islamic moments in country.

Minorities decided to celebrate this day with respect to the speech of M.A Jinnah, founder of Pakistan.


Minorities Day Seminar in Central Church Chakwal.

To celebrate Minorities Day, a huge number of Christian community from all denominations and churches gathered in Central Church Chakwal (oldest Catholic Church). Grace and Peace foundation also participated in this event. Shahzad Ahmed Chairman GPF, Muneer Haider Imran Coordinator GPF and M. Rashid City coordinator GPf especially participated in event along with a group of volunteers. Stage Secretary, Irfan Gill, Member and G. Secretary Church Committee hosted the event and conducted the proceedings of seminar.

Irfan Gill is a renowned social worker and human rights activist. He introduced the very idea of starting celebrating minorities day at 11 of August each year. He explained that M.A Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan gave a speech on 11 Aug, 1947 that truly gave freedom to minorities and settled principles for working of state in future. Gill also reminded the audience about the sacrifices of Christian community for making Pakistan and their vote of willingness to become part of Pakistan. He also portrayed the current situation of minorities and complained that the above said speech of Jinnah has been made disappear from history to ruin the rights of minorities.


                          Here are some photos of Minorities Day Seminar and Rally:


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Grace & Peace Foundation's participation in Minorities Day Seminar

Chairman GPF, Shahzad Ahmed’s speech at Minorities Day Seminar in Central Church Chakwal.

Chairman GPF, Shahzad Ahmed’s speech at Minorities Day Rally at Bhoun Chowk Chakwal.