Zafar Bhatti Case Details:
FIR No: 526 / 2012
Alleged Offences: 295C, 298A, 109 PPC, 25 Telegraph act
Trial Result: Life Imprisonment
Behind the bars: 6 years
Appeal Status: Pending
Grace and Peace Foundation is providing legal as well as para legal help to the persecuted family. Zafar Bhatti is accused of sending derogatory text messages about Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Zafar Bhatti’s wife, Nawab Bibi, is an old infirm lady who is knocking on every door for justice as she believes that her husband respects Islam and has not committed the alleged offence. She is poor lady and it’s hard for her to support herself alone. She is not only working as domestic worker to earn her livelihood but also she regularly visits her husband weekly. In pakistani jails, a prisoner can buy some comfort if he has a little money with him or if he is supplied with groceries and necessities from his family or friends. Nawab Bibi do not have financial resources to support her husband in jail. The couple needs immediate legal and financial help. Please watch this video to know more about our efforts for this persecuted family. We need your support to continue our efforts. You can pray for this family. Your donations will be a helping hand for this family.
Zafar Bhatti (Persecuted) Case :



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