Brick Kiln Children Project

Grace and Peace Foundation is working for Brick Kiln working Christian children in suburbs of Faisalabad and Narowal Punjab. 

Our dedicated volunteer pastors are working with these children. Sunday Schools, Bible study and Primary education are some of objectives we are working for.  Pastor Yasir and Senior Pastor Daniail Bashir are coordinators for this project. 

What These Children Need?

The Christian children working in Brick Kilns belong to very poor and underprivileged Christian families. Their parents mostly have taken advance money from Brick Klin factory owners for thier small needs. This debt is increasing day and night with interest. Whenever a poor Brick Klin family wants to get rid of this dirty work and dream to give their children good education they feel helpless because they cannot afford to give back their debt. These children are forced to work and help their parents instead of going to school for education.
Here is a list of help items these children need:

Basic clothing (jackets etc in winters), Shoes, Shirts, Trousers

Food to fight back malnutrition 

Books and Stationary

School Bags


Healthcare and Medical checkups


Grace and Peace Foundation is working in three Brick Kiln factories, two in suburbs of Faisalabad i.e Chandian Talawan, Faisalabad, Awami Town, 30 km Faisalabad-Jaranwala Road and in village Verokey, Narowal. All three Brick Kiln factories have almost 100 children of school going age. We need help to provide education, basic health and clothing to these children. We also need help to continue our Sunday Schools. We also have a plan to start a regular school in these three factories to give education to these poor christian kids.


Christmas Gift:

Please donate us for purchasing Christmas gifts for these 100 children. We also want to gift them warm winter jackets to proectet them against harsh cold weather.


Children are forced to work in Brick Kilns in Punjab
Pasor Yasir with Brick Kiln Children
Sunday School for Brick Kiln Chidren
Bible Reading Session for Brick Klin Children
Pastor Yasir with a Brick Klin worker
A poor Christian brick worker making bricks
Pastor Daniail with brick worker in Narowal