Our mission is to change the society and its norms by promoting love and tolerance in society through inter-faith harmony and promotion of reading of scriptures and its true understanding.
Its our major concern to help the persecuted Christians, helpless prisoners and  victims of domestic violence without any cost. Its our mission to work for basic human rights of incarcerated person and to work for their rights. Currently we have helping many helpless victims of this corrupt system which promotes fixing and involving innocent persons for personal vendetta or grudges.
Its our mission to create awareness about sensitive religious laws in our society so that no non-muslim is falsely involved in any blasphemy case. Interfaith committees are also created settle the situation, law and order and peace through help of Muslim and Christian religious scholars in any undesired situation.
It is our dream that nobody is condemned unheard or without due process of law. Article 11a of Constitution of Pakistan guarantees these rights pertaining to right to fair trial. All persecuted persons also have a right to fair trial and we are always ready to help them/ advice them and fight their cases with best of our abilities. Our legal team includes veteran criminal, civil and family lawyers, always ready to serve the humanity and persecuted Christians. Chairman of foundation Malik Shahzad Ahmed is also advocate of High Court and its his mission to serve Lord’s people whenever they need our help.
Christian youth and community development is most neglected area in our country. We have programs to develop the community and empower and guide the youth.
Human Rights violation in any part of Country or World attracts our concern and we are always striving for basic human rights and human liberties according to United Nations Charter and Constitutional rights that are guaranteed locally.
We need your prayers in these difficult areas of work. Please keep praying for our mission and success.